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The Team


Brock Pollock

Founder, Executive Director, Musician

Brock Pollock is an Environmentalist and musician residing in Los Angeles. He works to connect people to restoration through music, culture and the emerging climate technology space.


Julian Borrego

Executive Services, Community Organizing, Outreach Coordinator, Musician 

Julian Borrego, also known by their artist name Aminala, is a bilingual (Spanish) musician & environmentalist from LA.


Oshri Hakak

Chief of Woodwinds, Community organizing

Oshri Hakak is an environmentalist and musician who has been playing woodwind instruments for 25 years. He is a culinary and visual artist, as well as dialogue and mediation facilitator.

gina 1_edited.jpg

Gina Tang

Content Creation & San Diego Liaison
Gina Tang is a musician, community organizer, and activist based in San Diego, California. With a growing herd of sheep, goats, and children, she models a regenerative approach to wellness and education.


Natalia Pollock

With an international business and real estate background, Natalia is interested in bringing environmental festivals into fruition.

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