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Our mission is to create artistic cultural spaces for environmental action.

Replant the Forest Festival is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that focuses on being the cross section of music, arts, and entertainment with direct hands-on environmental action.

Many people are concerned about the environment, but far too many have become disillusioned and apathetic about their ability to have an impact. Replant the Forest Festival (RFF) events bring us out of their homes and off of gloom-and-doom social media, and into a real-live gathering of fun people with the same concerns, top-shelf musical entertainment, and the chance to actually make a difference we can see.

But our effect doesn’t stop at the end of the festival.

RFF attendees, having seen what they are capable of, bring this message to friends and family, and bring them along for the next one. This creates communities of action that carry our work further, changing the mood from desperation to inspiration.

Nothing brings people together like the power of music. This makes RFF an effective engine for collaboration across communities and organizations. We are all about community, connection, and climate action.


What happens at the Festival or Event?


Land Restoration Projects

When you come to a Replant the Forest Festival event, we don’t only fill your ears and soul with live music. We fill your hands with land-restoration tools, young plantable saplings, and soil! From restoring degraded lands through planting, helping start tree nurseries,  removing invasive species, and more projects, RFF lets attendees actually “do the work” of repairing their world. This experience ripples forth and brings together a growing community of people looking to do more.



Performances and Speakers

We aim to fill your soul with a culturally uplifting and transformative experience like no other.  
Amazing musicians, DJs, and speakers will be the audio backdrop of your restoration experience. Imagine spending a day (or weekend) in a beautiful natural setting, dancing to an irresistible beat, and learning from experts how to create a regenerative future wherever you live. Replant the Forest Festival brings together the wild creativity of the festival world with focused, impact-driven activism.


Permaculture Workshops

Permaculture is a radical but also ancient method for turning land into sustainable, self-sufficient ecosystems where humans, plants, and animals support each other. RFF is aligned with this philosophy, and some of our events offer ways for participants to put it into action.



Some events are day events and some are overnight jamborees! If you are connected to land that can host an overnight gathering please reach out!


Valued Partnerships

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